The I Choose Health podcast series: short bursts of inspiration on the positive efforts made to adapt to and fight back against the pandemic. This podcast features leading patient advocates, who’ve battled for their health their whole lives, and know all about finding motivation and inner strength when all is in crisis.

Episode 1. Matt Eagles: Looking after one another in lockdown

Matt Eagles, a positivity activist who’s never let his Parkinson’s diagnosis stop him, talks about how people aren’t letting lockdown stop them from caring for each other.

Episode 2. Michael Seres: Hacking your health from home

Having undergone major transplant surgery due to Crohn’s disease, Michael Seres has experienced quarantine life before. In this episode, the Founder of 11 Health talks about staying motivated and healthy in trying circumstances.

Episode 3. Christine Von Raesfeld: Living la vida lockdown

Christine Von Raesfeld, a highly respected patient advocate and the founder of People with Empathy, gives her views on the importance of finding ways to enjoy yourself in lockdown – from TV drawing classes to fancy dress Zoom parties.

The pandemic has shown us what really matters

The coronavirus has spread across the world leaving a reality that words can hardly express. I Choose Health steps away from the bleak reports and instead shines a light on the positive efforts made to adapt and fight back against the pandemic. It looks at the ways people have been focusing on their health and wellness, and what we might take away when this is all over. The campaign draws upon a survey of over 1,500 people across the United States, accounts from patient advocates who have had to battle for their health and wellness their whole life, and reporting from around the world.

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